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New Resources to Accelerate Teaching and Learning

The latest releases in i-Ready programs for the 2022–2023 school year help educators engage students and accelerate learning like never before. Our programs are extensively researched, classroom tested, and constantly evolving based on feedback from educators like you. For the 2022–2023 school year, enhancements in i‑Ready will help you:

You can count on some things to never change, though—like our dedicated service to all our customers, whether you’re just starting out or have been along for the ride.

Know Where to Focus

Quadrant Reporting

Inform your planning with real-time data on administrator dashboards that show growth and performance on the same quadrant.

Demographic Data Filters

Understand the needs of different student populations with additional ways for administrators to analyze data on i-Ready Connect™.

5-Level Placements by Domain

Support your students with more precision with the expansion of 5-Level Placements to all Diagnostic reports.

Overall Reading Comprehension

Gain more insight into student performance with Overall Reading Comprehension on Diagnostic reports.

Support Grade-Level Work

Grade-Level Scaffolding

Get deep insight into the skills students need to succeed in upcoming Reading lessons, with high-quality instructional materials and teaching strategies that help them get there.

Available for students in Grades 3–5.

Tools for Scaffolding Comprehension

Teach priority skills to address unfinished learning and prepare students for grade-level reading instruction.

Expanded for Grades 3–8.

Monitor Progress

Support for Literacy Interventions

Ensure all students are on track for reading success with Progress Monitoring forms and the ability to chart detailed progress on fluency.

Progress monitoring graphs will be available in fall/winter 2022. Aim lines are available for passage reading fluency.

Progress Monitoring Forms

20+ unique forms available per grade level for:

  • Passage Reading Fluency
  • Letter Sound Fluency
  • Word Recognition Fluency
  • Pseudoword Decoding Fluency
  • Phoneme Segmentation Fluency

Digital Data Entry

Streamline literacy interventions with digital reporting that lets educators input scores from Literacy Tasks and view reporting on i-Ready Connect.

Motivate Middle Schoolers

Mathematics Lessons

Support all students in developing mathematical understanding with new, engaging Mathematics lessons for Grades 3–8 that provide strategic scaffolds and are designed to motivate older learners.

Vocabulary Lessons

New Vocabulary lessons for Grades 6–8 will teach vocabulary in the context of reading, provide repeated exposures to words, and prepare students for passages they will see in upcoming Reading Comprehension lessons.

Support Spanish Learners

Reading Lessons in Spanish

Help students build literacy in Spanish with authentic Spanish Reading lessons in foundational skills, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.

Assessment of Spanish Reading

Understand the on-grade level performance of Spanish-speaking students in Grades K–6 with this online, authentic Spanish reading assessment that connects to high-quality instructional resources.

Updated based on launch year research!

Increase Access

Closed Captioning

100% of My Path lessons in Personalized Instruction for Grades K–8 have closed captioning to support all learners in accessing instruction.

WCAG 2.0 AA Criteria

Support all learners with our ongoing expansion of accessibility features.

  • Audio descriptions in the Diagnostic
  • Audio descriptions in Develop Session Videos for i-Ready Classroom Mathematics
  • Expanded keyboard navigation in lessons

Screen-Reader Support

Students can use supported screen readers in select Reading Comprehension lessons for Grades 3–8 to access their instruction.