i-Ready Assessment

Assessment of Spanish Reading

i-Ready Evaluación de lectura en español

An Authentic Spanish Reading Assessment

Determine a student’s grade-level reading proficiency using an efficient online assessment with the Assessment of Spanish Reading. This new assessment not only measures a student’s Spanish reading proficiency, but also connects educators with quality instructional resources. It’s included with i-Ready Diagnostic at no additional charge. Download the brochure for more information.


Why It Works

  • Easy to administer. All components of the Assessment of Spanish Reading will be available in the i-Ready Connect platform. The assessment is fixed form (i.e., non-adaptive) and is administered digitally to students. Scores are available through intuitive reports.
  • Developed by native Spanish speakers. The content students see is original, developed in Spanish specifically for the purpose of this assessment. Our developers are Spanish speakers and experts in Grades K–6 reading education.
  • Authentic content. All reading passages represent the varied cultural backgrounds and experiences of Spanish-speaking students.

How It Works

  • Assesses student grade-level reading proficiency in Spanish at the beginning of the year, midyear, and end of the year
  • Is developed for a variety of classroom uses. It can be used in Spanish dual-language programs, bilingual programs, and as a tool to evaluate reading skills in Spanish.
  • Connects to i-Ready’s instructional resources to support high-quality, grade-level instruction

Reporting Guidelines

  • For the 2021–2022 school year, educators will receive the percentage of questions answered correctly for each domain immediately at the completion of the assessment. Several months after students take the assessment, placements relative to grade level will become available.
  • Beginning with the full release in the 2022–2023 school year, educators will also receive the aggregate and student-level placement immediately after each assessment.

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