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At Curriculum Associates, we are committed to supporting the needs of all learners, including Spanish-speaking English Learners and students striving for biliteracy in Spanish and English. These students represent a broad spectrum of learning backgrounds, experiences, and communities, and we recognize the linguistic and cultural assets they bring to the classroom. Ensuring our programs support these students in achieving academic success is our priority.

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Mathematics Assessment in Spanish

Screenshot of the Diagnostic For Mathematics in Spanish.

Diagnostic for Mathematics

Grades K–12

The adaptive Diagnostic for Mathematics in Spanish empowers educators to better understand their students’ mathematics content knowledge and skills, independent of English-language proficiency. Transadaptation of items ensures equivalency in content and rigor in English and Spanish. Includes Growth Monitoring.

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Reading Assessment in Spanish

Screenshot of sample Assessment of Spanish Reading item.

Assessment of Spanish Reading

Grades K–6

This authentic, fully digital reading assessment in Spanish assists educators in understanding the reading proficiency of their Spanish-speaking students.

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Cover of the Oral Reading Fluency Assessments Administration Manual in Spanish.

i-Ready Literacy Tasks in Spanish

Grades K–6

Educators can use these one-on-one tasks to assess key skills related to students' Spanish reading proficiency. These Spanish tasks include: Phonological Awareness, Letter Naming Fluency, Letter Sound Fluency, Word Recognition Fluency, Pseudoword Decoding Fluency, and Encoding and Passage Reading Fluency.



Mathematics Instruction in Spanish

Personalized Instruction

Grades K–8

i-Ready offers Personalized Instruction lessons for Mathematics in Spanish, providing a one-to-one correspondence between English and Spanish instruction.


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i-Ready Classroom Mathematics Instruction print and digital editions.

i-Ready Classroom Matemáticas

Grades K–8

Learn more about i-Ready Classroom Matemáticas, a comprehensive Grades K–8 mathematics program available in Spanish.

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Example of a Tool for Instruction for Mathematics in Spanish.

Tools for Instruction

Grades K–8

Educators can use Tools for Instruction for Mathematics in Spanish to provide differentiated small group or individualized instruction or to review prerequisite skills during whole class instruction.

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Screenshot of a Learning Game in Spanish.

Learning Games 

Grades K–8

i-Ready’s fun and interactive Learning Games strengthen understanding of elementary and middle school mathematical concepts. All games can be played in Spanish.

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Screenshot of Ready Mathematics resources in Spanish in the Teacher Toolbox.

Teacher Toolbox

Grades K–8

The Teacher Toolbox for Mathematics contains Ready Matemáticas lesson PDFs and supporting resources in Spanish for Grades K–8.

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Reading Instruction in Spanish

Personalized Instruction

Grades K–5

Authentic Reading lessons in Spanish help the youngest learners develop foundational Spanish literacy skills. Teachers can assign i-Ready Spanish Reading lessons for Phonological Awareness (Grades K–1), Phonics (Grades K–2), Reading Comprehension (Grades K–5), and Vocabulary (Grades K–2).


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Example of a Tool for Instruction for Reading in Spanish.

Tools for Instruction

Grades K–6

Educators can use these downloadable lesson plans to deliver targeted and actionable instruction for grade-level Spanish reading skills and standards.


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Pedagogical Foundations and Expert Advisors

At Curriculum Associates, we leverage best-practice guidance from organizations such as the Council of the Great City Schools and the English Learners Success Forum. Our key Spanish literacy advisors include Dr. Elena Izquierdo and Dr. Doris Baker. Our development team is composed of Spanish-language experts from all over the world, and our resources use a neutral Spanish to support Spanish speakers from a range of backgrounds.

Photo of Dr. Elena Izquierdo.

Dr. Elena Izquierdo, University of Texas at El Paso


Photo of Dr. Doris Baker.

Dr. Doris Baker, University of Texas at Austin


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