PHONICS for Reading Purchasing Information

Looking to Purchase PHONICS for Reading?

Authored by Dr. Anita Archer, PHONICS for Reading is a research-based reading intervention program designed to equip students in Grades 3–12 with the confidence and tools they need to become independent readers. PHONICS for Reading is available in three levels to support students' decoding skills: First, Second, and Third. This Placement Test can help determine which levels will best support your students.

PHONICS for Reading is available for purchase as printed books for an in-school implementation or as a digital file site license for a distance-learning implementation.

  • Print: Information on printed books can be found here (recommended for an in-school implementation).
  • Digital: We offer a site-level pricing package for access to digital files. Please contact your Curriculum Associates Sales Representative (information below) to learn more about site license pricing.


For additional information about how PHONICS for Reading can meet your students’ and teachers’ needs, as well as pricing information, please contact your local Curriculum Associates Sales Representative.

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