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Our Team Is Passionate about Education

Our wildly talented and deeply dedicated team members have been united around a common purpose since 1969: to make classrooms better places for teachers and students. What makes Curriculum Associates an award-winning workplace? From industry-leading customer support professionals to a cutting-edge tech team, our staff (many of whom are former educators) bring their diverse perspectives, rich experience, and a service-obsessed mindset to their work every day.


Hear From Some of Our Team Members

Erica Scappaticci, Curriculum Associates Employee.

Erica Scappaticci, Sales and Service Specialist

“Whether answering questions from a parent, educator, or account team member, our team knows each time we answer the phone or an email that the most minor detail could end up having a major impact—and we take that responsibility seriously. At the end of the day, I feel proud to be making a difference in children's lives!”

Phil Laks, Curriculum Associates Employee.

Phil Laks, Senior Operations Engineer

“We don’t just help kids learn. We are always learning and trying to improve ourselves, too. I feel like I make a difference in something real every day, and I have both the autonomy and support to pursue new ideas and enhancements to keep making that difference better.”

Shrina Sood, Curriculum Associates Employee.

Shrina Sood, Senior Director of Talent

“Joining CA is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. Not only has this company helped me develop as a person and professional, but [also] I know our work is having a real impact on lives of students and teachers. Work can be meaningful AND fun!”

Keisha Sykes, Curriculum Associates Employee.

Keisha Sykes, Professional Development Specialist

“I love how genuinely confident I feel training on these products. They are exactly the resources I wish I’d had when I was a teacher and principal! At CA, we hold ourselves to extremely high standards, making employee training and development a priority to ensure the very best for the children and educators we serve.”

Antoinette Noel, Curriculum Associates Employee.

Antoinette Noel, Lead Account Manager

“I’ve always been passionate about education, but when I became a mom and struggled to find the right environment and resources for my son, it drove home for me just how important differentiation is in our classrooms. And how hard it is in practice. I love that CA’s programs support both students and teachers in making grade-level material engaging and accessible, and provide extra challenge where needed. It’s not one size fits all—because while that may be easier to do, we know it’s not the right thing to do.”

Valerie Duval, Curriculum Associates Employee.

Valerie Duval, i-Ready Product Director

“The best part of CA is the people. I get to work with extremely knowledgeable and passionate people every single day. Together we build data and reporting products that help teachers in the classroom so they can better focus their precious time to help students learn. How inspiring is that?!”

Justin Syroka, Curriculum Associates Employee.

Justin Syroka, Professional Development Manager

“As a former elementary principal and iReady user, I saw firsthand how iReady changed our school. We were able to use consistent data across all grade levels, take personalized learning to new levels, and provide our students with effective differentiation in the classroom. Leading focused and purposeful professional development is my passion, knowing every day Curriculum Associates is living our mission—making classrooms better for teachers and students. Together we can help all students achieve their personal best!”

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