Magnetic Reading Student Books for Grades K–5. 

Magnetic Reading K–5 connects the Art of Teaching with the Science of Reading.

The intuitive, systematic approach to instruction and rich, engaging texts draw students to the center of learning each and every day. Backed by science and the power of i-Ready Assessment, Magnetic Reading ensures every student gets the right support for succeeding as a grade-level reader.

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Magnetic Reading Is Based on the Science of Reading

With Magnetic Reading, educators ...

Draw from Intuitive Instruction

Scripted routines and multiple pacing options drive systematic, easy-to-use reading instruction.

Magnetic Reading Teacher's Guide. 
Magnetic Reading Student Book pages. 

Connect Students to Grade-Level Reading

Scaffolds support every young reader as they explore new worlds within both fiction and nonfiction texts.

Nurture Growth with Research-Based Efficacy

Regular assessments and scaffolding reports show progress within a program built by what is known to be effective.

Grade-Level Scaffolding report shown on a laptop. 
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