Access and Equity

Ensuring Access to Grade-Level Materials

Access to Grade-Level Materials Promotes Equitable Learning

To rectify opportunity gaps and prepare students for future success, educators and curriculum providers must ensure all students have access to grade-level content.

Given the uncertainty and new challenges the 2020–2021 school year brings, the need to provide all students with access to grade-level learning is more critical than ever. Heightened concerns about unfinished learning may mean that educators focus on differentiated instruction at the expense of grade-level instruction.

At Curriculum Associates, we have enhanced our existing program offerings to support educators in providing access to grade-level instruction.

Understanding Unfinished Learning

Getting students to grade level requires knowledge of students’ existing skills and a deep understanding of any unfinished learning. The Prerequisites report uses data from the i-Ready Diagnostic to help teachers understand which skills are essential to ensuring success with the grade-level content they are about to teach.

Identifying Priority Skills for Every Lesson

New for the 2020–2021 school year, Curriculum Associates is launching a new resource called Tools for Scaffolding Comprehension. These tools allow educators to select a desired grade-level outcome and identify the priority skills and resources students need to access and engage with the grade-level material in the next lesson or unit.

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Looking for Support for Distance Learning in 2020–2021?

Visit our page on how i-Ready supports teaching and learning in 2020 to learn more about how to use tools like these to support students.

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