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i-Ready Diagnostic is the heart of the i-Ready Assessment suite. It's designed with teachers in mind, to work on its own or with other i-Ready programs. The Grades K–12 Diagnostic manifests our core belief that all students can grow and achieve grade-level expectations. Use it to help educators see where students are, set high—but achievable—expectations for growth, and connect the right instructional tools to help them get there.


See Exactly Where Your Students Are

i-Ready Diagnostic prepares and equips teachers by delivering actionable data that addresses the first part of the learning process—knowing exactly where each student is. i-Ready Diagnostic provides teachers with a complete picture of student performance relating to their grade level and national norms. It also includes Lexile® and Quantile® information for insights into reading and mathematics performance. Select an option below to preview the reports for that subject.


Monitor Student Growth throughout the Year

i-Ready Diagnostic includes a Growth Monitoring feature that enables teachers to evaluate progress (up to monthly) using short (15-minute) adaptive assessments and adjust their lesson plan accordingly.


Educators Rely on i-Ready Diagnostic

Educators Rely on i-Ready Diagnostic

While other assessments only report scores using national norms, i-Ready Diagnostic provides normative- and criterion-referenced data. This ultimately promotes equitable access and growth for every student—no matter their background. i-Ready Diagnostic also correlates to leading state and national assessments so that students become familiar with the rigor and format they will see on high-stakes tests.

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Sets High Expectations

By providing rigorous criterion-referenced data, our model enables teachers to set high expectations for every student, regardless of their backgrounds, to achieve grade-level proficiency.

i-Ready provides a lot of good resources for teachers to graph student growth. It’s a very visual way to show their data, and it’s easy for their families to understand. When the students can see where they’re starting and where they’ve grown, I think that it brings up their expectations because they see that they can do it, and they can see where they want to be.”

—Chris Guerra, Teacher

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State Assessment Correlation

i-Ready Diagnostic is strongly correlated to consortium and state assessments and consistently exceeds established benchmarks in education.

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One Powerful Program

Our brochure explains how i-Ready offers a single platform to reduce complexity, save time, and help teachers use data to differentiate instruction.


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Proven to Work

Our assessment and instruction programs are backed by the industry’s most practical and applicable research.


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