Mastering the Art of Assessment

BRIGANCE® Professional Development Courses

The power of our BRIGANCE screening and skills assessment tools rests in the expertise of the examiner. A proficient examiner understands the purpose of the tool used and how best to administer the assessments within the tool. When administered with fidelity, the BRIGANCE tools uncover students’ unique strengths and needs and generate an instructional road map for elevating achievement. Our BRIGANCE Professional Development courses are highly interactive and streamlined, training participants to use the BRIGANCE instruments with fidelity, equipping them to get accurate, actionable results, and sending them off with a sense of confidence and enthusiasm.

Get to Know Our BRIGANCE Professional Development Courses

Early Childhood
Head Start
Special Education

Using the Early Childhood Screens III for Developmental Screening

Early childhood educators learn how the BRIGANCE Early Childhood Screens III (0–35 months, 3–5 years, and/or K & 1) can help quickly and accurately screen for potential developmental delays as well as advanced development or academic talent for children from birth through first grade.

Using the Screens III Online Management System (OMS)

Participants learn how to enter screening data from the BRIGANCE Early Childhood Screens III in the OMS, review student and group reports, and access teacher resources and Family Connections.

Using the IED III—Early Childhood Edition (Criterion-Referenced)

Early childhood educators learn how the BRIGANCE Inventory of Early Development (IED III) can help them gather comprehensive information about children’s early developmental and academic skills.

Using the IED III Standardized (Norm-Referenced)

For programs needing standard scores, percentiles, and age equivalents, this session covers how to administer and score the BRIGANCE IED III Standardized assessments and derive normative scores.