Blank Books


Give Students the Opportunity to Showcase Their Creative Writing

Ideal for any writing project, each Blank Book features a front cover with space for the student's name, grade, and artwork, a title page, writing lines and illustration boxes, and space for dedications or a bibliography.

With your encouragement, young writers will enjoy writing again and again. Use these books for story writing, journal writing, collaborative writing, recording summer vacation, sharing stories with parents, or showcasing in a portfolio. Blank Books are available in both English and Spanish.

Get to Know Blank Books

Grades K–6

Blank Books are available in two levels: Primary (Grades K–2) and Intermediate (Grades 2–6). With each purchase of Blank Books, you also receive Teacher Sheets that feature ways to encourage writing, suggestions for writing projects, and extension activities.

Primary Blank Book.

Primary Blank Book

Each Primary Blank Book includes 16 pages measuring 8 1/2" x 11". These pages feature primary writing lines and full-page illustration boxes.

Intermediate Blank Book.

Intermediate Blank Books

Each Intermediate Blank Book includes 16 pages measuring 7" x 9". These pages feature intermediate writing lines and full- and half-page illustration boxes.

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